Community services & Residential aged care

Due to the nature of doing jobs for such organisations my ability to personalise my service for each job allows me to go above and beyond that of others as I can cater to the specific needs of each client.

Whether it be

-complete confidentiality

-giving a lift to clients who don't have transport

-sensitive to individuals personal needs

-take as much time as is necessary to meet clients expectations

Nicks One Man Van is perfectly suited to those moving in and out of nursing homes and aged care facilities who have personal items and some furniture that they take to make them feel at home when they move in to a facility. I can cater to the individual and their families requirements.


Give Me A Call

0418 558 491

Service offered is strictly for one man all care is taken to be certain jobs are manageable by one person if circumstances arise assistance may be required.

NOTE: NICKS ONE MAN VAN is independently owned and operated and has no association with any other business in any way.